One of the key benefits of a free security course is that it is a cost-effective means to assess your interest in a topic before you make a financial commitment.

It’s important to keep up to date with advances in security, whether you are technical or GRC focused.  The ability to demonstrate an enterprise wide appreciation of security will increase your chances in interviews and increase career progression opportunities.

I have comprised 10 free Cyber Security courses for your perusal.  They are varied: some targeted at a technical audience, whilst others are suited to those who require a greater understanding of security – I have also thrown in a few targeted at experienced security practitioners.

The courses are in no particular graded order!

Computer Forensics


An introduction to file-system post mortem forensic analysis by the Computer Incident Response Centre Luxembourg.

Technical – for those venturing into or want a greater appreciation of forensics

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AWS Security Fundamentals


This course is a must if you are interested in cloud security.  This 2-hour taster covers topics from cloud fundamentals to DDoS mitigation.  AWS is the largest cloud provider, and having an understanding of cloud fundamentals is extremely useful to demonstrate at interview.

Non-technical on the whole, but those with a technical appreciation with gain more

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Security Fundamentals

Cyber Aces – SANS

This technical focused module covers Operating Systems, Networking and Systems Administration

Technical: Targeted at rookies and those new to security.

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Information Security and Information Management

National Institutes of Health

Variety of security subjects by the NIH tailored to the healthcare industry, but relevant to other sectors.  Specific modules targeted at all levels, from rookies to veterans.  Modules for entry-level hires and also experienced managers.

Non-Technical: All levels – module specific.

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Coursera / UoM

This popular course, instructed by Professor Jonathan Katz at The University of Maryland, teaches the fundamentals of modern-day cryptography.

Modules are Number Theory, Cryptography and Public Key Cryptography.

Technical: All levels for those in an interest in cryptography

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Varonis 3 in 1


Three training courses. Powershell and AD essential and Office 365 which are CPE accredited but the jewel in the crown is the Cyber Incident Response Module

Technical: but not overly so, with some modules less technical than others

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MIT OpenCourseWare

This advanced lesson on Cryptography is from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Available in downloadable form, the course is equipped with sets of lecture notes. Don’t be fooled how old the material is. The fundamentals are sound

Technical and suited to those with experience in Cryptography – some advanced modules

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Introduction to Cyber Security

Open University

A comprehensive fundamental course supported by the UK’s National Cyber Security Programme. Some technical modules, but very user friendly. This course is suitable for those with no experience of security, but an understanding of computing basics is useful.

Non-technical; however, the course covers technical topics

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Network and Computer Security

MIT OpenCourseWare

Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers this technical course on network and security computing. Again, in downloadable form with lecture notes.

Technical: first-year graduate-level equivalent on network and computer security

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14 Security Courses in 1 link

US Department of Homeland Security

This site by the US Department of Homeland Security really is a treat. With free enrolment covering topics such as Attack Methodologies in IT and ICS Industrial Control Systems, they offer a broad scope.

Technical and Non Technical – a variety of levels.

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