Handbook on cyber-risk management help Boards of Directors in Europe secure business resilience

This handbook on cyber risk management for corporate boards of directors in Europe created by the Internet Security Alliance (ISA).

The handbook is focused on 5 main principles:


Principle 1

  • Directors need to understand and approach cybersecurity as an enterprise wide risk management and strategy issue, not just an IT issue.


Principle 2

  • Directors should understand the reputational and legal implications of cyber risks as they relate to their company‚Äôs specific circumstances.


Principle 3

  • Boards should ensure adequate access to cybersecurity expertise, with appropriate reporting, at both Board and Committee level.


Principle 4

  • Board directors should ensure that management establishes an enterprise wide cyber risk management framework which encompasses culture, preventive, detective and response capabilities, monitoring and communication at all levels. Resources should be adequate and allocated appropriately by the strategies adopted.


Principle 5

  • Board management discussions about cyber risk should include strategies on their management (mitigation, transfer through insurance or partnerships, acceptance, etc).


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