Security Consultant (OT / Industrial Control Systems)

Location: Surrey / Remote

Salary: £65,000 - £70,000

Job Summary

The OT Security specialist will be tasked with leading and securing the Industrial Control Systems. Working with the Operational Technology team, the Security Lead will be designing and reviewing the Operational Technology processes and ensuring appropriate security controls are in place.

The role involves working with OT and the business to address the ever-changing threat landscape to apply security tools and controls to manage any residual risk.

This role commands an awareness of both technical and GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) skills as well as the ability to relay technical information in a capacity meaningful to the business. You will also develop standards, guidelines, best practices, and metrics as directed.

Working knowledge of regulation unique to Critical and National Infrastructure is important.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Designing and reviewing the Operational Technology Controls and ensuring appropriate measures are in place
  • Analysing cybersecurity events and acting to either remediate or escalate appropriately
  • Conduct high-level OT Security assessments
  • Working with stakeholders to promote an understanding of relevant threats to their business
  • Work with technology teams to develop effective security solutions.
  • Evaluate standards and best practices in line with internal standards and regulatory procedures

Qualifications and Skills

  • Technical experience within a Critical and National Infrastructure environment, including but not limited to Oil & Gas, Utilities, and Transport.
  • Knowledge of regulation specific to Critical and National Infrastructure
  • Experience in SCADA, PLC Configurations, and design application software of industrial systems
  • Experience with processing control networks (PCN)
  • Security qualifications: ideally CISSP and ISA Certification