Facial recognition in law enforcement; Amazon and IBM pull out. 



Police brutality towards blacks and ethnic minorities in the US prompts Amazon and IBM to make a U-Turn on the use of their software by police departments and authorities. Following the murder of George Floyd, long-overlooked empirical and statistical data suggest the overwhelming likelihood of perpetuated racial profiling at the hands of the police – something campaigners have raised concern about.  


Amazon’s stance was preceded by IBM who stated a few days earlier in a letter to US Congress that the software needed to be tested for bias – and as such will not sell their software to law enforcement. There is however much cynicism towards IBM who have been far from ‘holier than thou’ in matters of profiling and surveillance, and may have left themselves a technical loophole when stating they were no longer offering “general purpose” facial recognition.

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Woodrow Wilson Bledsoe is believed to be the founding father of facial recognition. Bledsoe created a system of facial recognition in the ’60s using the Rand Tablet.


The National Cyber Security Centre will spearhead a review of Huawei’s role in the UK’s move to 5G. The US continues to put pressure on the UK government to follow its lead to its approach of Huawei. The Secretary-General of Nato has added some weight to this stance. 

“I trust that the UK government will design their networks in ways that protect the networks and make sure that the UK has secure 5G networks,”

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg 

Upon the disclosure of the NCSC review, Huawei’s rhetoric has toned down, and representatives have assured a compliant approach to the investigation with the hopes of continuing global network expansion.  


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Hackers for Hire: Dark Basin


Thousands of high profile individuals from Company CEO’s, Government officials to Human Rights activists have been systematically targeted over several years by the hacking group known as Dark Basin. An investigation by Canadian firm Citizens Lab has brought this extensive scale campaign to light and was triggered by a Dark Basin’ member’s sloppy tactics. Based in India, this group was paid, by so-far anonymous clients, to launch extensive attacks on specific firms and individuals spanning the globe.  


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Last week we featured proposed Security MOT standards for cars, ensuring they are “breach-proof”. Well, the automotive and security news cross paths again within a few days. Honda suffered a Ransomware attack affecting their Industrial Controls Systems, shutting down two of their global production facilities. The Ransomware in question is Ekans ransomware but is better known as Snake.

Snake was discovered at the end of last year and is used in the industrial sector and in systems related to SCADA to encrypt connected devices. 


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A list of iffy pun headlines published

“Has a snake slithered under Honda’s hood?”

“Snake Ransomware Delivers double strike on Honda.”

“Snake Ransomware slithers into the light.”

“Snake Ransomware bites Honda.”



Microsoft monthly patches come early with the largest patch batch in the company’s history. A total of 129 vulnerabilities – it’s the largest to date…….. Thus far.


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The disclosed numbers of Nintendo user records breached in April has increased from 160,000 to 300,000. Although a sizable rise, the breaches reflect less than 1% of Nintendo’s customer base. The discrepancy in numbers came about following further investigations that are still ongoing.

Nintendo is urging all customers to use two-factor authentication moving forward.

“In the future, we will strive to further strengthen security and ensure safety so that similar events do not occur.”


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