Consultant: a person who provides expert advice professionally. (Noun)

There are recruitment consultants, and there are Recruitment Consultants! Recruitment Consultants in the context of this piece are experienced professionals who specialise within a function or industry with years of experience behind them. Why years of experience? How else can they advise of seasonal trends affecting your sector, and more importantly, how to utilise these trends to your benefit?

As well as finding suitable applicants to help you meet your business objectives, the top echelon of recruiters offer so much more.

Find out what the market thinks of your firm. What is your reputation?

An effective and experienced Recruitment Consultant will be in a position to approach the top percentile of talent within your chosen field.

Upon disclosing your company name, much is revealed; with a mixture of qualitative and quantitative information gathering, we can acquire a temperature gauge of how your firm is perceived by the same market you are targeting. The perception of your firm can elicit responses from negativity, intrigue, or enthusiasm.

Top positive perceptions

  1. Forward thinking/progressive
  2. On an upwards trajectory
  3. Strong Technology stack

Most common negative perceptions

  1. Slow/Non-progressive firm
  2. Poor employee relations
  3. Low staff retention

I had a firm who spent so much time advertising their vacancies and little time interviewing; they were seen as timewasters. As a result, it became challenging to convince prospective hires that the firm was committed to hiring. Serious candidates are only interested in what they perceive to be serious opportunities.

Find out what the market thinks about YOU.

We know the main reasons employees leave their positions is due to the firm’s leadership. Logically candidates are also more likely to join a firm if aspirational leadership and strong management skills are present. The Cyber Security industry is incestuous, and unfortunately, not all hiring managers carry a strong positive reputation. It is essential to know where you stand, even if this is uncomfortable to ask. Without a doubt, as a hiring manager, YOU are the greatest asset to attract the right talent.

Analytical assessment of your vacancy

Confident Recruitment Consultants must have the ability to assess and feedback on the effectiveness of a hiring strategy down to granular detail.

This includes:

The effectiveness of a job spec.  Creating a job specification should not be an automated process. The spec should be as individual as the employees themselves. While filling a vacant position should not be based solely on the job spec’s quality, a poor job description holds enough weight to put off suitable applicants.

Click here for further information on how to create a suitable specification

Salary / Compensation Benchmarking

An experienced consultant will be able to provide you with an accurate salary and daily rate survey of positions you plan to hire.

This is based on qualitative and quantitative current data.

The salary range or daily rate of the same job title may fluctuate depending on the industry sector, so this should be considered.

Sensor check job title suitability – An Architect isn’t always an Architect.

Who’s who?

The most common approach for many hiring managers is to begin searching for an individual with a specific skill-set when they have sign off to recruit. The better leaders want to know of talent, whether they are recruiting or not; they look ahead, forward plan, and realise that talent is the most sought after commodity in the market.

This is the difference between Reactive vs. Proactive recruitment. All too often, the Proactive approach is relegated. The response of “I’m too busy, I’ll get round to it when I’m recruiting” is unfortunately the more “reactive” norm. By that time, a proactive leader has seized the opportunity to meet a superstar and entice them to be a part of the team.

Your Career

A relationship between a hiring manager and a recruiter is one of trust. Your recruiter should be able to advise you on whether your compensation is in line with market standards or whether you are underpaid in relation to your level of responsibility. There are also those cases where your compensation is actually above industry standards – good to know. When the time is right, you can turn to him or her to assist you in your next move.

The mission at Bestman Solutions is threefold:

  • To enable business leaders to fulfill and exceed their goals by providing world-class security specialists.
  • To be a valued recruitment partner, advisor, and source of market intelligence for security specialists.
  • To continue growing a network of leading security practitioners, actively responding to the everchanging threat landscape.
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