As cybersecurity experts, we know it’s crucial to protect sensitive data and spread awareness about the importance of online security. However, how many of these cybersecurity awareness days are you familiar with? Let’s dive into some key dates and their significance:

Data Privacy Week

When: 21-27 January

Data Privacy Week, an extension of Data Privacy Day, originated in the United States and Canada in 2008. It aims to emphasise the significance of online privacy and data protection. Empower individuals and businesses alike by becoming a Privacy Day Champion. Learn more

Change Your Password Day

When: 1 February

Established in 2012, Change Your Password Day is a reminder to update passwords regularly to enhance security.

Safer Internet Day

When: 6 February

Focused on educating children about online security, Safer Internet Day emphasises teaching best practices early on.

National Clean Out Your Computer Day

When: 12 February

Created initially to declutter college servers, this day is now an unofficial occasion to tidy up digital spaces and enhance cybersecurity practices.

World Backup Day

When: 31 March

Given the rise in data-related incidents during the pandemic, World Backup Day highlights the importance of regular data backups to protect against potential threats.

Identity Management Day

When: 9 April

Organised by cybersecurity alliances, Identity Management Day educates on the significance of effective identity management for businesses and consumers.

World Password Day

When: 2 May

A day dedicated to raising awareness about password security and encouraging action to strengthen personal strategies.

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

When: October

Organisations like CISA and the NCA emphasise personal accountability and proactive steps to enhance cybersecurity throughout October.

National Internet Day

When: 29 October

Celebrating the history of the internet, this day also raises awareness about current issues such as Net Neutrality.

International Fraud Awareness Week

When: 17-23 November

Promoting anti-fraud education, this week sheds light on identity theft, phishing prevention, and the importance of internal controls.

Computer Security Day

When: 30 November

Reminding us to adopt good digital habits, Computer Security Day emphasises precautionary measures to safeguard against online threats.

Stay informed and engaged in cybersecurity awareness initiatives. Whether it’s advocating for data privacy or promoting online security best practices, your involvement matters. Make a difference by spreading awareness within your networks and implementing robust cybersecurity measures in your profession.

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